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Issue. Please can you help me solve this. Exception Type: System.Net.WebException Exception Details: Unable to connect to the remote server A: Thank you for replying me. After many tries, Finally I got solution. 1-Have to change the "https" to "http" in 2- Have to change the "https" to "http" in 3- Restart the Web request after I changed the two parameters. Q: Eclipse "Keyword already defined" error, how to diagnose? I have a project which I created a long time ago and it compiled fine. I have just upgraded the JDK to 1.8 and I am now getting this error: The import org.eclipse.jdt cannot be resolved The import org.eclipse.jdt cannot be resolved. The method getDefault() of type org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionStatus must override a superclass method The import org.eclipse.core cannot be resolved What does this mean? How do I diagnose? It means that Eclipse knows there's a problem, but will not stop you from compiling - it's just letting you know. You can verify that your project is set to use the most recent version of Eclipse/JDK and the version of your Eclipse/JDK is compatible with your project. If you can't or won't upgrade, you can try to add the following to your force=true 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a capacitive displacement sensor which is used in an image forming device such as an image recording device. 2. Description of the Prior Art FIG. 2 shows a cross section of the main portion of a known example of a capacitive displacement sensor which is used as an input device for an image recording device. In FIG. 2, an electrode 101 is formed on a surface of a substrate 100 which is made of, for example, glass. The electrode 101 has a convex shape as viewed in the cross section. A pressure




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Mybackpack 1.1rar Dota Download wyktragh

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